Would you like to go to ALA 2007 in Washington, D.C.?

December 14, 2006

The School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Oklahoma, as an official ALA Student Chapter, is eligible to designate one student to the roster of the ALA Student-Staff Project during the 2007 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. To qualify for this project, the student must be a personal member of ALA. Students who have already participated in the program are not eligible.

ALA will provide housing and a per diem in exchange for a total of 20 hours of work (typically four hours per day) during the conference. The student should be available to work on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, June 22-26, 2007. Students will receive a short questionnaire to help match them with appropriate ALA staff. Please keep in mind that students can be expected to perform a range of duties, from the merely clerical, to sales, to use of computers.

If you would like to be considered as the student-staff designee from the O.U. SLIS, please write a short (1-2 page) essay stating why you are interested in participating in this program, what you expect to gain, and why you should be the student from O.U. designated for this project. Please return your essay (as an e-mail attachment) to Maggie Ryan at the SLIS office in Norman by Friday, January 19, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.

Essays will be read by SLIS faculty, whose vote will determine the ALA student-staff designee. The essays will be judged on the overall quality of the essay, the logic of the reasons given for your interest in participating in the program, the provision of realistic and reasonable expectations about what you expect to gain from participating in the program, and the merit of the rationale given as to why you should be the student from O.U. SLIS designated for the project.

Please note that to qualify for this award, you must be enrolled in the program in the summer of 2007. Students completing in Fall 2006 or in May 2007 are not eligible. Students planning to complete the program in the summer of 2007 and who will be enrolled in the summer may apply.


The School will pay the awardee’s airfare, provided the awardee searches for a reasonable rate. Jenifer Fryar in the SLIS office can assist the awardee in finding a flight with an acceptable fare.


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